Mozambique: International Economic Cooperation Through 48th Annual FACIM

So far 16 countries and 21 individual foreign companies have confirmed their attendance at the 48th annual Maputo Trade Fair (FACIM). FACIM is held to allow local Mozambican businesses to showcase their products to both the local and international community. The countries expected to attend are currently South Africa, Namibia,  Zambia, Germany, Brazil, China, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Italy, Macau, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Kenya and Turkey. This diverse group of nations will certainly allow for an increase in international economic cooperation, as well as the growth of Mozambican companies.

Joao Macaringue, the chairperson of the Institute for Export Promotion, has mentioned that FACIM is growing to a point where not even the new facilities for the fair will accomodate everyone expected to attend. They only opened these new facilities for last year’s FACIM but they reportedly will need more than the seven existing pavilions and thus are looking into acquiring additional tents for the event.

The expansion of the event, which will take place August 27 through Sepetember 2, is an excellent sign for the development of the Mozambican economy. Not only does it show that the international community recognizes the potential for investing in Mozambique, but it also promotes the business in the surrounding areas during the time of the event.

The event slogan is “Expanding the horizons of your business, by making the best use of synergies”. This is extremely fitting for the goal of cooperation amongst local businesses, international companies, and nations.

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