Food Security Innovations in Senegal, But Not Without Difficulty

Peanut%20farmerSenegal’s population in the northern Sahelian region has been plagued by drought and the threat of starvation for years. Millions were at risk of starvation this past year as a devastating drought hit the region. However, people in Darkar, Sengal’s capital and largest city, have been developing horticulture to better sustain themselves against drought through the innovative use of space.

The story below shows that over 3,200 people work at 113 different production sites producing agriculture for their own sustenance and trade. The problem, however, is that most of such is being done on government land, which is up for grabs by the housing development sector, making it difficult for farmers to use the land they have used for years. The government’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Infrastructure has been working to help promote horticultural practices. The fate of food security in one of Africa’s principle democracies is being determined by the hand of innovation.

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