Tanzania Signs Investment Deals With China Worth Over $1.7 Billion

Sino-Tanzanian relations were strengthened this month with the signing of an investment deal worth more than $1.7 billion USD. On top of increased business cooperation and greater infrastructure development, the plan aims to reduce congestion in Dar es Salaam with the creation of a satellite city. This self-contained urban area will be equipped with electricity, roads, schools, hospitals, and banks. Other recent Sino-Tanzanian investment deals include a new economic zone for international trade worth $10 billion USD, as well as a natural gas pipeline from Mtwara to Dar es Salaam worth $1.2 billion USD.

These recent financial deals reflect a longer history of economic cooperation between the two nations. China supported the construction of the Tazara railway in the early 1970s, which connected the landlocked Zambia to Tanzania. The railway increased economic cooperation between the East African markets and South African states.

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