Tanzania: From Least Developed Country to Middle Income

Tanzania Minister for Industry and Trade Dr. Abdhallah Kigoda has high hopes that the country will move to the middle income status. He hopes Tanzania can achieve this by improving industries, trading with partner states, and finding market access for their products.

Kigoda made these statements during the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation day in Dar es Salaam last week, and wanted to assure the private sector that he recognized their contribution toward the national economy. Kigoda spoke of the benefits of the commitment by the private sector and the  government in this time of economic growths. The overall goal of private and public support seemed to be attracting investment to Tanzania to drive economic growth.

Kigoda also spoke of the need for the private and public sectors to work together, and trust each other. If the private sector trusted the government more, they could work together as one and have a stronger voice on development issues.

The idea here seems to be a good one, and cooperation within the economic sector is important for any type of growth in the future. This will be particularly attractive to investors- a public sector that is stable with the support of private sector companies would be much more likely to receive the investment that Tanzania needs to drive economic growth into the next class.