Nigeria: President Obama Praises the Country’s Economic Development

The US-Nigeria Trade and Investment Forum, hosted by the Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDOA), has been taking place in Washington, D.C.  On August 27th, Ambassador Eunice Reddick spoke on behalf of President Obama praising the economic growth of the country and encouraging the continued cooperation between the US and Nigeria. The United States has actively aided Nigeria in further solidifying the country’s democratic institutions and free trade mechanisms, particularly through the African Growth and Opportunity Act.
The speeches made at the US-Nigeria Trade and Investment Forum confirmed that the future of the relationship between the two countries will continue to be strong and mutually beneficial. In particular, there was mention that the US would provide aid to strengthen the agricultural sector in Nigeria through improved infrastructure and technology. This is of particular importance since approximately 70% of the Nigerian population is employed through agriculture. The US has also confirmed its commitment to helping the energy sector in Nigeria prosper through a focus on private investment.

Nigeria is clearly still developing economically, but it has shown clear signs of progress that have been noticed by the United States. This recognition of Nigeria as a future economic powerhouse can only further help the country realize its full potential.
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President Goodluck Jonathon and President Barack Obama