The Future for Botswana-Namibia Ties

Botswana is looking to Namibia to strengthen ties between the two countries. Former President of Botswana, Festus Mogae, called on Namibia to develop stronger trade relations with each other. Mogae is hoping to strengthen the economies of countries in Southern Africa and is eventually hoping to extend this effort to more countries, such as Zambia and Zimbabwe. By creating better trade relations with smaller countries, Mogae looks to cut over reliance on imports from South Africa and to create better economic opportunities for southern African countries.





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Tourism Sector in Namibia is Up and Growing


The increasing amount of tourism in Africa has had especially strong effects in Nigeria, which has the fastest growing tourism center in not only the continent, but the world. Leaders are seeking to foster this growth as they meet this week at the country’s first tourism planning meeting. The meeting’s purpose is to enhance the tourism sector and improve its spread across the country. Currently, the industry provides 22% of the jobs in the country, and leaders believe that, with careful expansion, it can provide even more.

Namibia has long attracted tourists not only due to its rich natural beauty, but also its strong cultural appeal. The Minister of Environment and Tourism, Uahekua Herunga, heralded the Olufuko Festival in the North as a great draw four tourists.

As the tourism industry develops, however, the National Tourism Department works hard to ensure that the environment is protected. Namibia has long been developing “responsible tourism” as a way to attract tourists while still preserving the country’s natural attractions, which in turn draw more tourists.

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Offshore Oil Drilling by Shell to Begin in Namibia


Shell is set to begin drilling for oil off the coast of Namibia in the Orange Basin. For some time now there has been growing international interest in the offshore drilling of Namibia, and finally, Shell has stepped up to explore the potential Namibia has to offer. In the past, international interest in Namibia has been centered around its uranium reserves, so the focus on offshore drilling is a marked shift.

The move by Shell bodes well for Namibia. Mines and Energy minister Isak Katali stated last Monday, “The ministry of mines and energy is very excited about the interest shown by a super-major such as Shell Exploration and Production in Namibia.” Another Spanish oil and gas company, Repsol, is also set to begin drilling, perhaps as soon as before the end of this month. The transition from interest to action on the part of international oil companies could be a strong positive push towards expanding and diversifying Namibia’s economy.

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Namibia celebrates cultural diversity at the Regional Cultural Festival in Erongo

The Annual Erongo Regional Cultural Festival has official been declared a success, accomplishing its aim to contribute to the preservation of cultural diversity within Namibia. The festival, which was held on Tuesday October 9, 2012 under the theme of “One Namibia, One Nation”, was said to have drawn over 500 people participating in various performances.

The festival was hosted by the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture who’s mission it is “to empower and develop the youth, promote sport, arts and culture through the efficient and effective provision of services.”

A participant of the festival performing a dance

 The performers were subdivided into four groups, with The Kufamosha Pioneers from Walvis Bay winning the lower primary category, the Festus Gonteb Primary School won the upper primary and the Dibasen Junior Secondary School at Okohombahe won the junior category.

The Kubasen Cultural group of Arandis Senior Secondary School won the senior category and The Kufamosha Cultural Group of Walvis Bay won the adult category.

Apart from winning N$ 1200 the winners will be performing at the National Cultural Festival.

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Namibia: Water Crucial to Development Projects

Last week at the Namibia Water Investment Conference the increasing demand and pressure on the still limited water availability in Namibia was the main item on the agenda. The conference provided a platform for over 20 exhibitors, financiers and investors to share and promote their progress on desalination and increasing the accessibility of potent water resources.

This is the Wlotzkasbaken desalination plant which was inaugurated in 2010

The Minister of Agriculture addressed the importance of solving the problem of water scarcity and stressing its utmost importance to the economic development in Namibia during his speech on behalf of President Hifikepunye Pohamba;  “water is therefore the most important contributor to the country’s development prospects across the board. Its vulnerability and scarcity can be a constraint to development”.  The Namibian government set up six themes through which the objectives are to be met by 2030; investment in water supply and sanitation infrastructure, management of water supply and sanitation services, water for economic development, water resource management and public- private partnership and capacity building.

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