Mozambique’s Political Parties Agree to Continue Dialogue


After 2013’s year of violent clashes between the Mozambique National Resistance Party (RENAMO) and the ruling Frelimo Party, resulting in dozens dead and hundreds displaced, RENAMO has agreed to negotiate for the amendment of Mozambique’s electoral parliament. The parliament, called the Assembly of the Republic, currently consists of thirteen seats, but RENAMO’s amendment calls for seventeen seats in order to more properly represent the three major Mozambican parties: RENAMO, Frelimo, and the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM).  This agreement comes just after pleas from both sides for RENAMO and the Mozambican Armed Forces (FADM) to stop the aggression and negotiate peacefully. Transport Minister Gabriel Muthisse spoke about the violence, urging President Guebeza to intervene in the FADM’s retaliatory actions in order to ensure peace and stability in the region.  However, Muthisse also expressed support for the actions of the FADM, claiming that they have only been carried out in order to protect the population from ongoing RENAMO attacks.

This new agreement between RENAMO and the ruling party is a key step in the democratic process, showing the capabilities of both sides to engage in dialogue without resorting to violent means. A stable government and peaceful solutions for disagreements are especially important, as Mozambique continues to tackle issues such as the disarmament of existing land mines, which may be completed this year if the political parties can put their grievances aside for the greater good of all Mozambicans.

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