Gomoa West Calls on Ghanaian Youth to Get Involved in Local Governance

Gomoa West District Assembly

Gomoa West, the seventeenth district of Ghana, has challenged the youth there to become more active participants in the local governance of the country. Leading this initiative is Mr.Theophilus Aidoo-Mensah, the District Chief Executive for Gomoa West. He has stated that in order to ensure that resources were being properly utilized in the best interest of the people, there has to be a presence to check allotment of funds and resources.

Mr. Aidoo-Mensah’s announcement followed the release of a video documentary that exposed the youth’s role in the Decentralization Policy Framework and Action Plan at Apam, the capital of Gomoa West. This video was created at the hands of the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), a youth focused non-governmental organization (NGO) that receives sponsorship from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Inter-Ministerial Coordinating Committee in Decentralization (IMCC).

Along with this video release, Mr. Aidoo-Mensah made several statements regarding Ghana’s form of decentralized government. He noted that while Ghana is known to have a fairly successful decentralized structure, it is still lacking in its civilian participation, and there still exists  a high level of voter apathy. It is this predicament that makes youth participation necessary. He is now urging the youth to pursue a higer education so that they may be able to actively engage in the governance of Gomoa West.


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