A Possible Solution to the Water Crisis in Ghana?

Ghana has been facing problems with lack of clean water for years. In the Northern region of the country, around half of the population living there does not have access to clean and safer drinking water. Many times, the most viable water source is a man-made trench that fills up during the rainy seasons. However, these trenches quickly become contaminated with waste, and the water is unfit to be ingested. On a university trip, a group of students from MIT travelled to Ghana to try to better understand the problem and hopefully come up with some solutions. They began a program called Community Water Solutions.

This program was designed to teach Ghanaian women- they are traditionally the ones in charge of finding drinking water- about safe ways to treat water. The students had discovered that just a few miles away from many of the small villages, there were cities that offered equipment to treat water. Unfortunately, the women of these smaller villages were completely unaware of this. The program was able to connect the women in the more rural areas to the treatment equipment from the cities. This program trained a few chosen women, who treated the water and were able to make a business out of selling the clean water.

After a few years, the results of the Community Water Solutions program are clear. It has created a new entrepreneurship business for women, while at the same time providing clean water for thousands of people. This program has inspired many other similar programs to appear around the country, and is said to have provided drinking water for over 30,000 people in Ghana.

Source: http://www.technologyreview.com/article/520186/ghanas-water-women/

Image Source: http://cdn.physorg.com/newman/gfx/news/hires/intheworldcl.jpg


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