Library Opening in South Africa


The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has formed a literacy campaign in South Africa that has marked its entrance into corporate social investment.  “Boks for Books” has recently opened a second library, located at Kwamanzini Primary School.  The first one the campaign created had been opened in August, marking the campaign’s quick movement.

SARU’s “Boks for Books” provides disadvantaged schools in South Africa with fully stocked libraries and is teamed with the NGO Blue Groove Africa.  Blue Groove Africa is an organization that not only provides the infrastructure for libraries, but also runs librarian training and forms committees that work towards the success of each library.  Their goal is to provide two hundred new libraries to an audience of 160,000 people in South Africa by the year 2016.

The president of SARU, Oregan Hoskins, hopes that the library will have an impact on the schools and the community, saying “literacy is essential for the acquiring of skills and knowledge, and those who can read are usually in a position to make a very meaningful contribution to the social, welfare, and community affairs of their respective communities.”

SARU plans to create another library for Gauteng, South Africa, in November of this year.  These libraries are of great importance in the country, because they can help spur further education in the communities and schools.  They could possibly help to raise South Africa’s ranking in education in the world, and provide students with necessary skills and guidance to succeed later in life.

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