Ghana is Looking into Electoral Reform

The Ghana Political Parties Programme (GPPP), working under the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), has begun looking at the possibility of a reform on the current electoral system of the country. The Senior Fellow at the IEA, Dr. John Kwakye, opened an address regarding this issue by stating that political parties cannot stay in power forever. He added that it was this fact that made electoral reform so important. He stated, “It is therefore imperative that we contribute our quota in dealing with the challenges of our electoral system and to create the peaceful and enabling environment for all of us to thrive whether in government or in opposition.” 

It was noted that although it is clear that Ghana needs to strengthen its integrity with regards to election policy, it is far from being the only nation with the same issue. Kwakye added, “Indeed, the results of Ghana’s 2012 election were challenged on grounds of irregularities, although it is conceded that elections all over the world are fraught with some amount of irregularities.” Of course, the main goal of this reform is to mend the democratic process, and ensure that the results of elections in Ghana accurately reflect the will of the voters. 

The Electoral Commission is working closely with both the GPPP and the IEA, as it has been successful in exacting change in the past. Members leading this reform are optimistic that they will be able to correct the problems in the system. Mr. Pwamang, the formal General Secretary for the People’s National Convention (PNC), stated “I am confident that if we undertake the needed reforms in the electoral process we can regain our record as a nation with a robust electoral system.”

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