South Korea and Dubai May Help Curb Malawian Unemployment

Recently, the government of Malawi has been taking active measures to combat the 85% youth unemployment in the nation. The young Economic Planning Minister Ralph Pachalo Jooma and his counterpart form the Trade and Industry Ministry Sosten Gwengwe say that this is one of the initiatives being taken to address this major issue.

The government is advertising job opportunities for Malawian youth in Dubai, and has a plan to send 320 young workers to South Korea for unskilled labor.

Critics argue that this initiative is too little—saying that sending a small population of unskilled labor abroad will not produce any real effect on the country.

Despite the naysayers, youth from all sides of the political divide are gathering together to solve this problem and jumpstart economic development. This congregation is called the Zomba Youth General Assembly, and it is organized by aspiring Member of Parliament for Zomba Central constituency, Joseph Chikwemba, who called it “groundbreaking”.

It will be interesting to see where this initiative will go from here.

See the following link for more information:


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