Kenyan Leaders Promote Peaceful Elections

On Sunday February 24th, the top Kenyan presidential candidates pledged to preach peace during national prayers at Uhuru Park. The leaders were motivated by the self styled prophet David Owuor, who’s followers have been praying for peace during the upcoming March elections. In front of thousands of supporters, Prime Minister Raila Odinga announced that he and his long time political adversary William Ruto have forgiven each other thanks to Prophet Owuor’s intervention. Odinga stated “It will not be a winner takes it all. It will be a role for everybody. I also want to thank the Prophet because he has tried hard to bring us all together. He has always done this and I can reveal here that last year he brought me and my brother William Ruto together and we are now working together. Long live Kenya!”. Ruto responded to the Prime Minister’s new-found beliefs and  agreed that they have forgiven each other.

The promotion of peace is a beacon of hope amidst the possibility of election violence, similar to the ethnic violence that resulted from the 2008 elections. Although the main presidential candidates have pledged peace, many in Kenya are preparing for election-related violence after the March 4th election.

Presidential candidates pledging peace at Uhuru park

Presidential candidates pledging peace at Uhuru park

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