Kenya Plans U.S. Style Presidential Debate

Kenyan Presidential Candidates

Kenyan Presidential Candidates

The Kenyan media has planned a series of American-style presidential debates before the March 4, 2013 election. Three debates will air on eight Kenyan television stations and 32 radio stations between November 26, 2012 and February 11,2013. The debates will adopt a town-hall style format for 90 minutes with two moderators and four panelists who will engage the candidates in a question and answer session.

According to the Chairman of the  Joint Media Presidential Debates Steering Committee, Royal Media managing director Wachira Waruru, the debates will provide Kenyan voters with the opportunity to listen to, interrogate and interact with the presidential candidates. These debates will also provide the candidates with the opportunity to reach the widest possible audience. These debates will also help Kenyan voters make informed choices, promote national cohesion and steer the campaigns towards the quality of leadership rather than personality based politics that can often lead to violence.



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