Researchers in Benin Unveil New and Improved Methods of Malaria Testing

Mother and son being tested for malaria.

Mother and son being tested for malaria.

A study published in December by scientists in Benin claims to have found a new method of detecting malaria parasites. This test focuses on polymerase chain reaction technology compared to the traditional method which uses an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay test, a standard laboratory diagnostic test that uses antibodies and colour change to detect DNA molecules.

This new technique can allow for more accurate estimates of the malaria burden and transmission in different settings. This is a particularly important discovery because Africa has been plagued by malaria for decades. Aside from helping with the detection of malaria transmission, this test can also help with creating malaria vaccines. The scientists and researchers involved in the study cite it’s significance in not just Benin, but in the entire international medical field.

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