Mauritian Health Infrastructure Funded by China

Chinese and Mauritian Relations to Grow Further following this Agreement

Following a $19 million agreement signed by both China and Mauritius, China will build health facilities in the small island nation, focusing mostly on “the construction of a new Operation Theatre and Wards Block over an area of about 90,000 square feet at the Victoria Hospital in Candos, in central Mauritius”. The project will be “in the form of design, construction and provision of furniture and medical equipment, including laryngoscope sets, electrical and orthopaedic operating tables, ICU beds and Fowlers beds, among others”.

The health Minister of Mauritius has said that the best way to “provide quality, accessible and efficient health care to the population” is to seek out “the best partners in the world”. His words ring true as China remains as one of the country’s top aid donors, especially within the last 30 years.

It is apparent that Mauritius is taking steps to further modernize its health sector. Additionally, China’s growing role in its support for developing African nations will allow the world to see the impact of foreign aid, as it helps African countries in their pursuit of an increasingly modernized, and prosperous economy.


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