Malawi on Its Way to Wireless

With the 2014 elections right around the corner, Malawian politicians are increasingly looking for different ways to market themselves to a broader audience. One such method they have chosen is through social media on the internet.

There are 188,900 Facebook Monthly Active Users (MAU) in Malawi, and the number is increasing by the hour. Social media penetration as a percentage of the nation’s population is 1.22%, and 56.09% in relation to the number of Internet users.

Despite the number of voters having increased since the 2009 elections, the Nyasa Times speculates that Facebook and other social media will not significantly alter the results of the 2014 election. Instead, the real mantra of influence will be from those who take their campaign “to the districts and not waste resources on Facebook agents or on phone/internet bills.”

There is still hope, however, that progressing in the internet field will have profound effects on Malawi in other ways in the coming future.

For more information, visit this article:


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