Mauritius Introduces New Plan to address the Country’s Energy Challenges

Photovoltaic Panels, a New Source of Energy to be Developed by Mauritius

In an effort to address its energy challenges, Mauritius has unveiled a new energy plan entitled the “Integrated Electricity Plan”. This plan would cover the years from 2013 – 2022, with the primary objective being “to create a sufficiently broad energy portfolio to safeguard the island against energy security concerns and price instability, while being sensitive to environmental imperatives”.

Shiam Thannoo, general manager of the Central Electricity Board, said that  ”Mauritius will invest some 18 billion rupees (US$610 million) in the coming ten years to generate electricity from different sources that include renewal energy like photo-voltaic and solar”.

As of now, Mauritius “produces electricity mainly from fossil fuel, a mixture of bagasse and coal, hydro and a bit of solar energy”. It will be interesting to see how other African countries follow suit in their development of new energy, despite their developing economies.

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