President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf May Begin Cabinet Shuffle

President Sirleaf

On October 29th, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf declared that she will be taking actions to enhance efficiency and productivity within the cabinet. Her actions may range from “transfers and reshuffles to dismissals.” The public does not know who will be dismissed and what exactly will happen, but government officials who are not executing the constitution properly or who are taking advantage of their positions will likely be disciplined or dismissed. The pending decisions come “amid huge public outcry about hardship and the slow pace of development.” However, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has said, “It is our hope that we will continue to work together to sustain the peace and foster the developmental efforts of the country.”

President Johnson-Sirleaf also recognizes that it is her duty to improve the living standard of the bulk of Liberian people not only because she is the President of this post-conflict Republic, but also because she’s on record for criticizing past leaders and for advocating for better governmental service for Liberians.

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