Mauritius and Rwanda to Strengthen Ties

Recently, President Purryag of Mauritius accepted the credentials of the High Commissioner of Rwanda to Mauritius, Vincent Karega. Both men complimented each other on the progress made in both countries, allowing for strengthened ties as well as for mutual, beneficial cooperation with one another in the future.

President Purryang “congratulated Rwanda for the rapid progress made after 1994 Genocide of Tutsi” while Karega “commended the Republic of Mauritius for significant progress in inclusive governance and investment promotion despite limited natural resources”.

Though both countries are small, Karega emphasizes that they are “determined for excellence”. Moreover, they have exchanged different types of expertise as a result of the two governments’ cooperation. However, Karega expressed that he would like to engage Mauritius into other frameworks of cooperation “by taking advantage of the bold process of reconciliation, reconstruction and institutional reforms for competitiveness in Rwanda”. Mauritius countered by acknowledging “the need to embark on a new journey of cooperation, investment and trade in a win-win set up”. These areas for a win-win set up included “agribusiness, tourism, air transport, education and health”.

Rwanda stands as a nation which can learn from the small island’s “experience and assets in tourism, aviation, ICT, skills development, investment promotion, excess in qualified medical doctors, [and] sugar production”.

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