President of Cape Verde Welcomed to the State House

The President of the Republic of Cape Verde Jorge Carlos Fonseca was welcomed by Governor Deval Patrick to the Massachusetts State House on October 2nd 2012. The purpose of President Fonseca’s visit was to help raise awareness of civic engagement within the Cape Verdean community. Massachusetts is one of three stops on President’s Fonseca’s United States itinerary. He also plans on stopping in Providence, Rhode Island and Newark, New Jersey.

In 2011, more than approximately $570,800 goods and services were imported from Cape Verde and Massachusetts exported roughly $1.2 million in goods and services to Cape Verde. This growing economic relationship between Cape Verde and Massachusetts is part of the visit. Not only is there an economic relationship, but Massachusetts is also home to the largest population of Cape Verdeans in the United States; with approximately 45,000 Cape Verdeans living in Massachusetts.

This visit made it possible for both President Fonseca and Governor Patrick to stimulate further collaboration between Cape Verde and Massachusetts especially in innovation sectors and higher education institutions.



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