Frelimo re-elects Guebuza in wake of US Funding

President Guebuza said in his acceptance speech on Wednesday that he is committed to working toward the “dream of all Mozambicans… the dream of well-being and happiness.”

Mozambique’s ruling Frelimo party upturned the country’s traditional politics on Wednesday when it chose to re-elect current President Armando Guebuza as its head, setting off an array of questions regarding where the party is headed for the 2014 elections. In the past, the party’s leader has automatically assumed nomination as its presidential candidate, but this cannot be the case with President Guebuza. The president is currently serving his second 5-year term in office, which is the presidential term limit set by the country’s constitution. Though President Guebuza has declared his intent to adhere to the constitution’s term limit, one can only wonder what sort of nominee will arise from this unique situation.

This turn of events has occurred just days after the US embassy announced the renewal of its annual 1.4 million USD funding for Mozambican organisations pursuing projects to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

US Ambassador to Mozambique Douglas Griffiths

“To save more lives, we have to continue to work together,” US Ambassador Douglas Griffiths said in his speech on Monday preceding the signing of the funding agreement. “You, our partners, are essential for achieving our target of a generation free from AIDS in Mozambique.”




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