Benin says goodbye to African Partnership Station (APS)

On September 14, civilian and Navy medical personnel from the NGO Project Hope concluded their four day visit to Benin. Project Hope hosted a three-day health fair to “provide optometry care, pediatric, general, and maternal health screenings”. This medical civic action program (MEDCAP) also provided education to patients about hygiene and nutrition.

In addition to the health fair, members of the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force (SPMAGTF) 12, Security Cooperation Team 6 conducted a training led by a Marine corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) to teach almost two-dozen members of the Beninois Armed Forces in non-lethal combat skills.

Everyone involved had a “once in a lifetime” experience and was focused to ensure that their visit had a lasting impact on both professionals and the people who they interacted with.

“Commander Matthew McLean examines a Beninese baby during a health fair as part of Africa Partnership Station (APS), September 13, 2012”


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