Kenya Prepares For 2013 Election

Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has begun preparations for a general election on March 4, 2013. The election for next spring will decide: the presidency, the representatives of the house and also for the senate, a government of the county, a woman representative and a country representative. Due to the violence that occurred after the 2007 presidential election, additional safety measures have been taken to ensure that the upcoming election runs smoothly with as little conflict as possible.

The IEBC has traveled to newly created constituencies throughout Kenya to meet with community leaders to discuss where they think the best polling stations should be, before they are installed. The electoral body will soon begin training poll officials who will supervise and administer the vote on March 4th. Along with training the poll officials, the IEBC has begun voter education to ensure that Kenyans understand what the constitution entails. In addition to voter education, the IEBC has negotiated with the government to purchase biometric voter identification and registration kits that will enable the IEBC to begin voter registration by the end of October. With the policies enacted by the IEBC months before the election, the Kenyan government hopes to have a peacefully run 2013 election.

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