Namibia: Water Crucial to Development Projects

Last week at the Namibia Water Investment Conference the increasing demand and pressure on the still limited water availability in Namibia was the main item on the agenda. The conference provided a platform for over 20 exhibitors, financiers and investors to share and promote their progress on desalination and increasing the accessibility of potent water resources.

This is the Wlotzkasbaken desalination plant which was inaugurated in 2010

The Minister of Agriculture addressed the importance of solving the problem of water scarcity and stressing its utmost importance to the economic development in Namibia during his speech on behalf of President Hifikepunye Pohamba;  “water is therefore the most important contributor to the country’s development prospects across the board. Its vulnerability and scarcity can be a constraint to development”.  The Namibian government set up six themes through which the objectives are to be met by 2030; investment in water supply and sanitation infrastructure, management of water supply and sanitation services, water for economic development, water resource management and public- private partnership and capacity building.

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